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DOG DAYS Tuesday/Thursday !

6-7:30 PM

7v7 Wednesdays




  • Coach John Parker is running our Summer Programs. For answers to questions regarding Dog Days and 7v7 please email him at:johnparker50@yahoo.com
  • Bring all of your equipment including: stick, mouth piece and protective cup in addition to your lax gear.Please bring plenty of water for your player. There is no direct access to water on the field.
  • NO DOGS are allowed at the fields. Jesse Wharton does not want dogs on the fields. We need to respect their wishes.
  • Please park in a designated parking slot at Jesse Wharton. There is no drop off to the field. We need to keep the access to the field clear for emergency vehicles if needed. This is  a safe area for players to walk down to the fields. Please do not go around the cones and barrier. This is for the safety of the children.
  • In case of inclement weather please check the TYLA website for any updates. Every effort to get an email out to you will be made prior to practice times.
  • If you still have not picked up your rental equipment please contact Coach Parker and plan to arrive to practice early to be fitted.





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